Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney for an Auto Accident

Not every auto accident requires a personal injury attorney, but if you’ve suffered injuries in an accident, whether as a driver or a pedestrian, you should consider hiring a lawyer to represent your interests and to ensure you receive sufficient compensation for covering your own medical care and other expenses associated with your injuries.

Financial Liability for Your Auto Accident Injuries

The insurance company of the driver responsible for an auto accident is liable for damages associated with the accident, including the medical expenses you incur as a result of your injuries. If the responsible driver is not insured, then they will face criminal charges for the accident, but you may also hold them financially liable for the damages in the case by filing a personal injury lawsuit. An under-insured driver can also be held financially responsible for damages as well.

Insurance companies often attempt to mitigate their liability by settling quickly and for the least amount of money possible. Unwitting individuals can be taken advantage of by insurance companies for this very reason, receiving only a fraction of the settlement for damages to which they may be entitled. A personal injury attorney familiar with handling auto accident claims can be instrumental in preventing this from occurring in your case.

The Initial Consultation for an Auto Accident

Auto accident personal injury lawyers usually offer a free initial consultation during which you’ll meet with the attorney and review the details of your case. The lawyer will interview you about the accident and will examine any documentation you have associated with the claim. After reviewing the details of your case, a personal injury lawyer will be able to make an informed judgment of the viability of your claim, based on the details of your case and his or her knowledge of personal injury law in your jurisdiction. The attorney will also be able to estimate the legal fees you may incur if you decide to hire him or her, a timeframe for your case, and may also be able to give you an idea of the level of compensation for damages that may be achieved in an auto accident personal injury case such as yours.

What Help can an Assault and Battery Personal Injury Attorney Provide?

Personal injury lawyers typically work on contingency in order to provide affordable legal assistance to auto accident victims. Hiring an attorney on contingency means you will not be required to pay legal fees unless you receive compensation in your claim, at which point the attorney will receive a predefined percentage of the financial damages you’re awarded.

An auto accident attorney will help you determine what damages to include in your personal injury claim and will assist in collecting the necessary documentation to prove your claim for compensation. He or she also functions as the point person for communications associated with the claim by handling all negotiations with the insurance company of the other driver, while always keeping you informed of the details of your case.

A personal injury attorney familiar with auto accident claims will attempt to get you the fairest settlement possible, and when necessary, can argue your case in civil court. Having the help of an auto accident personal injury lawyer increases the likelihood that you will see sufficient damages awarded for covering your medical and other expenses associated with your injuries.