How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Put A Value On Personal Injury Lawsuits?

There are extremely complex answers to this simple question. Valuing a personal injury case involves considering many factors, and you should avoid a personal injury lawyer who gives your case’s worth during your first conversation as it shows he has not given adequate evaluation of the factors that can drastically change your claim’s value. Valuing a personal injury case involves a detailed examination of the case and any personal injury lawyer who says they can evaluate it straight away without a thprough examination of the facts is not worth trusting

The two largest factors that will determine the value of the claim are the extent of the damage and who was responsible for the accident. The capability of the insurance company is also relevant in computing the settlement. Likewise, settlements take property damage into consideration. The actual market value of the damage in the property shall be reduced by the amount that that you are at fault. For instance, the insurance company may offer you half of the value of the property loss if you were 25% at fault of the accident. The insurance will not likely offer you full value if you do not have a personal injury attorney on your behalf.

Sometimes, however, despite all the court appearances, investigations, correspondence, legal motions and arguments, the insurance company will still not offer you a justifiable payout. On this occasion, your personal injury lawyer should be ready to go to trial. It is, at all times, up to you if you should accept the offered amount; but your personal injury lawyer should be prepared to pursue the case into litigation if you are unhappy with the compensation offered by the insurance company.

If you cannot reach a settlement on how much your case is worth, then the details of your cases will be further looked at. The frequency and length of treatment, your medical bills, and whether you will have permanent or temporary disabilities will be examined. If you have had previous cases of felonies, misdemeanors, convictions or felonies, your sincerity maybe doubted and you may be given a smaller award. It is advised not to rush your settlement proceedings as you may end up shortchanged. Whether a case is settled or not at whatever stage should be your decision. Your personal injury lawyer will help advise whether the value is adequate and fair to the case’s worth.

How much you trust your personal injury attorney hugely correlates to your case’s worth. Many personal injury lawsuits settle, but still some go to trial. Either way, it is necessary that you have a personal injury attorney to assess your case and examine the facts to ensure they properly evaluate the value of your compensation claim. A good personal injury attorney will always remind those who decide (the judge and jury) of their obligation to give you the fair compensation that you deserve.

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