How Long Does It Take To Complete A Personal Injury Case?

This question cannot be perfectly answered by any representative in the foremost stages of your case. Whether a case will drag for years or will be settled within months can be influenced by numerous factors. These factors may involve the insurance company’s lawyers, the insurance company and you, the client.

Occasionally, some firms may engage with practices that will needlessly delay a case. Even a supposed to be simple order from a judge can cause unnecessary frustration. Thus, personal injury cases can often take years to settle. The length of time shall depend on the severity of your injuries and complexity of your claim. It may also be based on when and how you suffered the personal injury, because your case shall be dealt with according to its own merits.

An average personal injury claim, such as those concerning uncomplicated injuries (whiplash, soft tissue injury, simple fractures) without any issue on liability can be settled within 6-8 months. Claims of illegally dismissed employees normally run for 3 months to 1 year. Slip-and-fall and motor vehicle injuries can take between 1-2 years to be fairly resolved. However, a number of insurance companies in simple road accidents may offer to settle claims within weeks.

Individuals deal with injuries at different paces and in different ways. Recovery can occur at various speeds and personal injury lawyers will generally wait until victims have reached maximum medical healing. The doctor must ascertain the patient’s needs, and how much financial support will he need for medical bills in the future. It is vital that the extent of damage against your future ability to earn or function be evaluated before claiming for reparation.

On the other hand, settlements for personal injury should never be rushed. You can be shortchanged if you settle for an award that doesn’t cover upcoming and future expenses. Personal injury lawsuits are not sources for easy money. They are about securing your financial future with compensation that is enough to ease the pain you suffered and cover your medical and other recovery related expenses. Remember that once a case is settled, it can never be opened again.

Only a personal injury lawyer can best tell you what should be expected in your specific case, and how long will it possibly take. Choose a competent personal injury lawyer, ask what problems you may expect to face, and how should you handle the situation. Only in this way can your personal injury lawsuit move quickly towards a successful claim and earning you your fair and deserved compensation.

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