New York City Personal Injury Lawyer

Areas of New York Personal Injury

A New York personal injury lawyer can show you how a New York personal injury claim differs greatly from other States. One of the largest differences is that New York is a “No-Fault” State, or a State which has Personal Injury Protection. Other differences between making a personal injury claim in New York as opposed to other major cities in the United States include the 3 year limitation, Statute of Limitation, on filing personal injury or product liability personal injury cases and a Statute of Limitations of 30 months for malpractice claims.

In New York, there is no cap to the amount of compensation which you can be awarded. It is clear that navigating the waters of personal injury claims in New York requires the help of a New York personal injury lawyer.

The best way to understand the process of filing a New York personal injury claim is by speaking with a New York personal injury lawyer and looking at each step involved in making your personal injury claim:

File a Claim: The first step is filing a claim with the insurance company, government agency, or whoever is at fault. Understanding who your claim should go to is not always easy. If you aren’t sure, asking a professional New York personal injury lawyer is a good start.

Claim Denied, Time to File: While there are some cases where claims do get accepted the majority require further action if you want to be compensated for your injury. This means filing a lawsuit. In most cases the lawyers from each party will continue to exchange paperwork regarding the incident. Having a New York personal injury lawyer that understands the laws of the State is a must once you require a lawsuit to be filed.

Depositions: Everyone meets, usually in a law office, for a time of questioning and perhaps further investigation. A doctor may be brought in to conduct an examination as well as other witnesses. All this will depend on the specifics of your New York personal injury claim.

Trial: If nothing has been resolved at this point, a trial is necessary if you are to get compensated for your injuries

At any point along the way your lawsuit does have the possibility of settling. This means both parties come to an agreement on damages paid without involving the courts. Thousands of New York personal injury claims are handled in this manner every year. Usually once a lawsuit goes into the deposition phase of the process, New York personal injury lawyers from both parties can come to a solution that everyone is happy with.

Across America there are millions of personal injuries every year. Did you know that over 300,000 construction workers suffered injuries throughout the country last year? That’s nothing compared to the 2 million Americans who suffered permanent injuries due to car accidents.

Personal injury accidents can happen to anyone and, if they do, can have a huge impact on you and your family’s life. Knowing how to handle a personal injury case if one occurs, can be the difference between being compensated for your injury and paying for it. Because of the intricacies of filing a personal injury claim in New York, it is best to contact a New York personal injury lawyer who knows the most about how personal injury cases are handled in this State.