Why Do I Get Calls From A Doctor's Office After Being Involved In A Car Accident?

If you have just been involved in a car accident, chances are your will be receiving lots of phone calls from all sorts of people. There is the insurance adjuster who will be inquiring into the damages incurred, the adverse party or his lawyer who will most probably want to settle the case but offer a measly amount, and there are also all sorts of scammers who are trying to make some bucks out of your misfortune.

Of all these callers, the insurance company is the most persistent, due mainly to his interest in the settlement of the case. More specifically they want to keep to a minimum the amount of cash they will pay out for the policy.

The insurance company will naturally dispute the value of the claim filed by the insured. They will send adjusters to assess the loss despite the fact that the insured has already filed the sufficient documents to support the amount demanded. Most of the time, when medical bills are included in the claim, the insurance company will verify these facts by assigning a company doctor to investigate. It is part of the investigation for the company assigned doctor to call the insured to inquire into the extent of injury they have suffered. So do not be surprised when you begin receiving calls from a doctor after a car accident.

If the insurance company is not satisfied with the medical claims, they assign company doctors to confirm the amount claimed. They even go to the extent of scheduling a check up just to make sure that the nature of the wounds suffered was properly stated. Sometimes, when the sum involved is very high, insurance doctors will search the insured's medical records to find evidence to reject the claims.

At this stage, you need to be extremely careful as there are unscrupulous people who misrepresent themselves as insurance doctors. They will usually set you up for an appointment and conduct a check up. After which, they will make you sign a form as proof you were treated by them. They will then use that document to charge the insurance company for the check up that you did not actually need.

One should always be careful in dealing with such situations. If you receive a call from people representing themselves as insurance doctors, double-check their credentials before accepting any appointment. Get their names, office address, phone numbers, and other details and then confirm these with your insurance company. Your insurance company will be more than grateful if you do this. It will save you and your insurance company from unnecessary expenses.

To avoid getting scammed, it is best to consult your personal doctor after being involved in an accident. Even when you feel that you did not suffer any grave wounds, it is still advised to go see your personal doctor. The threat of hidden injuries is always present. Having your personal doctor do the check up will also ensure you that the findings are honest and objective.

Lastly, ask your doctor to provide you with an authenticated copy of the results of the check up. These papers will be helpful when you file any medical claim with your insurance company.