Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Drop Your Case If He/She Feels They Won’t Make Enough Money?

A personal injury attorney may inform you that your case does not seem to have merit at all. There are many personal injury attorneys, as in every kind of profession, who are not willing to devote their effort and time to your case. So yes, a personal injury lawyer can abandon your lawsuit if he thinks it is not profitable.

Personal injury attorneys usually accept their clients on a contingency basis. This means that they cannot receive their legal fees unless their clients are awarded compensation, either through a court judgment or settlement. Likewise, your personal injury attorney has to demonstrate that the law is on your side. If he thinks that his arguments will not prevail, he may not be willing to go the distance and will simply drop your case.

There are also a number of lawyers who accept only cases that they believe will likely lead to a trouble-free and swift settlement with insurance companies. These are the so-called “slam dunk” cases that do not need to be supported by expert witnesses and extensive research to prove their merits. Personal injury lawyers may assume that your case is a “slam dunk”, but later discover that it needs more work to arrive at a reasonable settlement.

To avoid personal injury lawyers who will unfairly drop your case, try to foster a positive relationship with him/her from the start. As personal injury lawyers are specifically trained and schooled to work with the adversary legal system, some of them maybe more interested in winning than serving you. During your foremost meetings, communicate your situation to your legal counsel. Do your assignment and prepare to ask him what realistic results you should expect. Avoid personal injury lawyers who promise big awards at the initial consultation, for an honest personal injury lawyer knows that such cannot be predicted at an early stage. It is best to put your agreement in writing and understand it completely before signing.

Furthermore, a personal lawyer is not usually obliged to represent your case during appeals. There are different circumstances where both the defense and plaintiff have the right to appeal the case. There is always a chance that the appeal may result in zero compensation. Whether or not your personal injury lawyer should represent you in appeal should also be discussed in your primary meetings.

If your personal injury lawyer does drop your case, do not instantly believe that your case is dead. Look for another personal injury attorney who will give you the dedication that your personal injury case deserves. Hire a personal injury lawyer who will not leave your case in jeopardy. If not, you may find yourself with no personal injury lawyer.

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