How To Fire A Personal Injury Attorney Who Is Working On A Contingency Basis

Offering legal aid on a contingency basis for personal injury lawsuits denotes that you need not initially tender any monetary payment as attorney's fees to your personal injury lawyer. Acceptance, appearance and retainer fees will not be charged by the personal injury lawyer until you can receive compensation. The personal injury lawyer and client agrees that the payment of attorney's fees will only be tendered if and when the lawsuit has been effectively litigated by the personal injury lawyer - as a representation of the client’s claim.

Put in other terms, the personal injury lawyer will receive his attorney’s fees with the condition that the client's personal injury case has been won by him. If the personal injury lawyer loses the case, he/she will not obtain any payment from his client.

If you and your personal injury lawyer are under this agreement, and you desire halt this arrangement, you should consider the following questions before terminating his services:

  • Is the problem I encountered with my present attorney a kind of difficulty that will not arise again if I decide to hire another personal injury lawyer?
  • Will changing personal injury lawyers cause immense damage to my case? Will it cause unnecessary delay?

After answering the questions, weigh your options and decide if you still want to terminate the services of your personal injury lawyer. If your answer is yes, here are the steps you have to take:

Review thoroughly the contract or agreement you have with your personal injury lawyer. Check if your contract states agreed steps on how your personal injury lawyer’s services can be terminated. Also, verify if you have valid grounds for firing your personal injury lawyer. Secure a copy of this contract or agreement and present it to your personal injury lawyer if needed.

Hire a new personal injury lawyer. This will save you from unnecessary delays in finding and hiring a new layer. It will also be of great help and an important point of consideration if you will be able to find a good personal injury lawyer. As this might cause you further problems in the future.

When you are geared up to disunite the relationship with your old personal injury lawyer, send a qualified, certified and registered letter to him/her. It should clearly state that you are severing the relationship. So as not further complicate your case, make it a point to clarify that the personal injury lawyer needs to cease working on any pending matters related to your case. Do not forget to indicate that you are requesting for all your files to be given to you, and set a deadline as to when you are expecting to receive them. Ask for a refund on all advance fees, and of all pending or overdue expenses.

By following these steps, you and your personal injury lawyer can have a smooth and thorough severance.

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