In the legal world, liability refers to fault. Whoever is responsible for any damages or injury you may incur is liable because of their actions or, in some cases, because of their failure to act.

For example, if you are a victim of a crime, the liability of the person or persons who harmed you could include providing monetary compensation for any damage to your property. They could also be liable for any medical expenses to treat the injuries you suffered as a result of the crime.

In an automobile accident, the person who caused the accident may be liable to you if you were injured. This is why liability automobile insurance is so important. The person who caused the accident might be liable for the damage to your vehicle, damage to your other property, medical expenses, and in cases where civil action is required, attorney fees.

There are several types of liability. Joint liability occurs if more than one person is responsible for your damages or injury.

Joint and several liability refers to those responsible for your damages together or individually.

Primary liability is when one person is directly responsible and is separated from secondary liability. Secondary liability is the responsibility of a second party if the party directly responsible fails or refuses to satisfy their obligation with respect to your injuries or damages.

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