Medical Malpractice Cap

Medical malpractice caps are the legal limits put on the amount of money a victim of medical malpractice can collect in a legal medical malpractice case. These laws also limit the amount of money an attorney can charge when representing a medical malpractice victim.

There are several types of damages a victim of medical malpractice can collect. These also apply to the family of a medical malpractice victim who has died as a result of negligence on the part of a doctor, hospital, or clinic.

Economic damages are the monetary losses suffered by the victim of medical malpractice and can include: out-of-pocket medical expenses as well as lost and future wages.

Non-economic damages can include pain and suffering, inconvenience, disability, and disfigurement. Medical malpractice caps are normally the maximum amount of monetary damages a victim can receive for non-economic damages.

The laws regarding medical malpractice caps vary from state to state so it is important to speak with a qualified attorney to find out your state’s laws regarding medical malpractice caps. Please fill out the form on this website to speak to an attorney about your case and the medical malpractice cap.