Settlement Demand

A “settlement demand” is a group of documents sent to an insurance company or claims adjuster in an effort to avoid court proceedings as part of a personal injury claim. The documents are intended to prove exactly what damages have occurred and provide the justification needed for paying a compensation settlement for the economic and non-economic damages in a personal injury claim.

The settlement demand may contain a number of different documents including:

  1. A detailed presentation and analysis of the facts in the case
  2. Incident and police reports
  3. Photographs of the scene of the accident and of the injuries and/or property damage
  4. Medical records, reports, and bills
  5. Reports from experts who are prepared to testify or whose statements will be entered into evidence if a settlement is not met
  6. Video testimony from witnesses and/or witness statements

Also included in the settlement demand are copies of the court documents that must be filed to open a personal injury lawsuit. These copies are included in the file to fully emphasize that the case will be filed if a reasonable settlement is not agreed upon by the insurance company or claims examiner.