Vaccine Court

The term “Vaccine Court” refers to a Federal Claims Court that was first established within the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which entered into law in 1986. It specifies that a family who has suffered injuries that are directly related to a vaccination must turn in documentation to the “Vaccine Court” in order to receive any compensation for their claimed injuries.

After a decision is reached within this court, the family has the option to accept the judgment handed down by the court or to pursue further legal action by rejecting the findings of the court and seeking out direct relief from the company that manufactured the vaccine in question.

Each dose of a vaccine that is given is accompanied by a tax, which serves to pay for any claims that are awarded by the “Vaccine Court” for injuries caused by a vaccine. Due to the way that funding is provided for injuries associated with vaccines, the companies that manufacture these vaccines face less liability. Additionally, the same act that established the “Vaccine Court” specifies that no manufacturer of a vaccine may be held liable for side effects that were spelled out in advance by the company.

When seeking compensation for injuries that result from a vaccine, it is advisable to have the help of a qualified attorney, as there are specific legal guidelines that apply to how damages may be received.